Retail Therapy.

10:35 PM

So i did some damage on my Debit card !Not too much though so its okay [:
After having a long day of stress and paper work i thought i deserved a little pampering and since i am going on a little vacation with my family i needed some new items to take along with me.
okay not all of them are for the trip but hey i couldnt help myself !

Starting on the 3 pictures on the left, from top to bottom.
- Pair of Disco Pants less than $20 form H&M
( the american apparel ones are way to expensive so i thought these could be a cheaper verison)
- 3 colored sweater $22 from forever 21
(i love the neckline, perfect for collared necklaces)
- Mirrored sleeveless top $17 from forever 21
(i had seen some on Primarks website but since i live in the US i cant shop there so i got these instead)
- forever 21 jeans $10
(my go to jeans for lazy schools lays)

Dresses starting left to right.
- black tight dress $12 from H&M
(first time i ever by one of these, excited to style it though)
- Thrifted purple guess dress $15
(retailed for $50, good deal good deal)
- cream dress $10 from forever 21
(on the sale section, hidden all the way in the back lol)
- square black and white dress $10 from forever 21
(on the sale section as well, last size)
- purple sheer maxi dress $44 from local boutique
(my favorite color perfect for the california weather, plus its my favorite color lol)

i had a great shopping day overall [:
planning on going thrift store shopping for thick "grammy"style sweaters lol 
i would love to hear what you guys think of thrifting though !comment down below
anyways, good night lovelies<3

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