My lovely internship.

11:22 PM

Hi lovelies !
Sorry for my inconsistency when it comes to posting, my life is pretty hectic at the moment so the only time I can actually sit down and post is way too late so please bare with me while I come up with a better solution !
Anyways like I said on my last post I was recently able to get an internship thanks to the fact that I attended Fashion Week SD.
I am currently the marketing intern for nOia designs by Evelyne.
She is such a great designer, not to mention that she is a great person as well.
She got invited to do Fashion Week LA and Fashion Week New York
(Which I am so stoked for)
Also she actually owns her own store already and she is only 24!
(If you want to check her out go to )
As of right now, we are planning a fashion show for the first week of December to launch a little winter collection with dresses and what not to satisfy the Christmas shopping madness for some people.
I am truly happy with this and I hope that it opens some doors for me and who knows where I will be with this a year from now.
All I can say is that I feel very accomplished and blessed because I know how hard it can be to get what I got, specially for someone who lives in SD where the fashion community seems small compared to other places.
So far I have been able to meet such great people and learn so much for them because honestly I am doing this for the experience.
Before I end this is any of you guys are able to attend she is having a fashion show in Tijuana along with other designers this upcoming week, I will post a flyer alongside pictures of her designs so you guys can get the information!
Have a great day !
Les mando muchos besos y palabritas de Amor <3 

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