End of the year 2012 recap

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The year is almost at an end and i felt like i needed to sit down and write down the lows and highs of this past year. 
warning though, this post might get very personal !
From Jan.-July I was in a relationship for almost 6 yrs. yes we had our issues but i always thought we would be able to work things out in the end that was not possible and things ended. after that up to now i am still a little hurt over what happened but I still managed to have good times with the people who care about me.
I hope that you all learned something from this past year and that you take it to 2013.

For me i learned not to depend so much on a person like i had, and that when people choose to leave then you cannot remain bitter as hard as that might be but you need to move on and be grateful for the times that you had while it lasted because in the end better things will fly your way.
atleast that is what i am hoping for !

-Be healthier. I tend to neglect my health and it got the better of me this past year.
-Write more. I want to improve the quality of my post.
-Travel. It has been set already, i will be traveling as often as i can this upcoming year even if it is only in the US
-Love myself. I do not need a bf to be happy so I want to take this time to be me and enjoy and explore and have fun and just be happy with no worries
-outfit of the days. I am shy when it comes to those but i want to start posting them so i will this year !
-better job. i currently work at a restaurant but i feel like i need some change !
-school. I need to get my school things all organized and hopefully by next year i will be able to transfer out of San Diego and move somewhere else.

I think for now that is all hehe hopefully by the time that 2013 is over and i look back at this post i will be able to say that i accomplished atleast half of this if not all of them !
and now here is a really short recap of 2012:

-5 year anniversary with the person i believed i would maybe one day marry.
-my sisters 6th birthday !she is so grown now gosh time flies by so quick
-first time being a dresser for a bridal show and i gotta say i was pretty nervous !I mean it was the first time and the dresses were pretty big but i did my best and everything turned out great !

- attended my second show as a dresser for the Kumb Fest in San Diego !i had alot of fun and i met these twin sisters who not only were super sweet but also had great items in their collection

-set up a thrift store at my school as part of our project to raise money for the fashion show that we would have to put later in the semester !it was loads of fun although when i saw cool pieces of clothing i wanted to keep them for myself hehe

-I left my teens and i turned 20 -__- yes i feel old saying it even though i know i am not aha
-i also went to Santa Monica for the first time !

-Helped set up a fashion show for my fashion merchandise class which was totally fun and i enjoyed it more than anything ! i really want to do it again although it was alot of work but totally worth it

 Fair time. Family time. Bonfire time. Beach time. ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

-first time going to L.A with my then bf of almost 6 yrs, sadly that trip ended in us breaking up once we drove to Santa Monica. Probably one of the worst things that happened to me this year. And i know that i will be fine but aside from the fact that we broke up I knew i was loosing my best friend as well.

- Not a very good month for me emotionally, ups and downs.

-I wrote my first blog post here, which was what i needed to do at the time. I hope to keep writing here for many more months and hopefully years to come !

-San Diego Fashion Week. It was so exciting and i am so thankful that i was able to attend because i am sure that if it was not for that, i would not be doing what i am doing now.
-Got interviewed by Evelyne from nOia designs and she allowed me to become part of her team as a Marketing Intern which i am totally greatful for.

- I had the opportunity to meet other bloggers from my area, San Diego, and i was able to create what hopefully are friendships with the amazing girls that attended the meet up on that day.
-Went to a tv station twice as well, one to help out backstage with my designer for a costume contest and the other one as a "what to wear for the holidays special"

- My ex decided that we are better off as strangers since feelings of regret were beginning to creep on his mind, so as of now he is officially out of my life..
-My godparents visited from Mexico after almost 5 yrs of not seeing them which was totally cool and amazing and i was so happy their entire visit.
-Went to LegoLand for the the first time and Disneyland as well.
-I realized that some people will not be around forever and you need to appreciate them while they are. Nothing is permanent, so don't build up your life around someone else.

If you made it to the end then thank you for reading 
and i hope from the bottom of my heart that you have a great 2013 
and that you accomplish many many things this year.
muchos besos y palabritas de amor<3

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