Thursdays are for DIYs

9:35 AM

hello there,

I feel like it has been a while already since I last posted something !
But ive been a little busy with school these past couple days, so I apologize. 
Anyhow, for today's DIY I thought what better than a drink you can make for tomorrow
since its gonna be friday might as well enjoy a Blood Orange Sangria right ?
the perfect drink for parties and little get together's at home.

1 cup blood orange juice (can be substituted with any citrus juice)
1 lemon (sliced)
1 blood orange (sliced) 
3 mandarins or clementines (sliced) 
1 bottle of champagne

mix all together in a pitcher (fruit,juice and champagne)
and TA-DA !
and amazing drink is ready to be enjoyed !

Blood Orange Sangria

Hope you guys enjoy !
ill be making this myself on  Saturday again for a little family party.
on another note I shall be getting my camera soon so like promised ill be posting more
pictures form now on, I cannot wait !

Have a lovely day loves !

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